Legal audits

Legal audits

Corporate law and anti-money-laundering laws 

Risk audit: Are you preventing money laundering?

We assess your company’s internal procedures and mechanisms to prevent money laundering in non-financial entities.  We can:

  • Revise files and implement anti-money-laundering instructions.
  • Assess suspicious operations reports to the UAF.
  • Review internal processes including due diligence, responsible parties and risk matrixes.
  • Study company politics in compliance with Law 23 of 2015.
  • Establish internal control mechanisms to prevent money laundering.
  • Monitor cash transactions (RTE).

Labor audit – Risk prevention

Assess compliance with in-force labor regulations in the Republic of Panama to avoid sanctions and unnecessary conflicts.

  • General and special regulations
  • Foreign employee contracts and protection for national workers
  • Contracting and records
  • Regular and overtime work schedules
  • Payroll types
  • Disciplinary measures
  • Professional risks

Corporate audit. Are your company’s documents in order?

Assess and organize corporate documents.

  • Complete review of corporate documents including social contracts, acts, actions and other records.
  • Status of required permits to exercise your commercial activity
  • Study of corporate structure and fiscal implications
  • Update bank documents
  • Update corporate activities before governmental agencies (MEF).