Corporate Legal Services

Comprehensive Corporate legal services for business

Nuestra firma ofrece servicios de asesoría para la creación de su negocio.

Es nuestra política acompañar a nuestros clientes durante todo este proceso, y una vez que su empresa esté debidamente constituida, mantendremos una relación cercana con usted, de forma tal de que esté siempre actualizado e informado de los cambios en la normativa legal, que puedan afectar su negocio.


Business Creation (Startup)

How can I start my business? In the DeSanctis Law Firm of Panama, we help familiarize you with all of the regulations and rules in force in the Republic of Panama that affect the good performance of your company, which includes comprehensive civil, labor and fiscal regulations.

Not only will we help you to create your Limited Liability Company, but we will also help you process your documents with government entities, such as the necessary national and municipal permits according to your business, and ensure that your business is in full compliance with the regulations and requirements of the Republic of Panama.


If you are a foreigner or have foreign personnel working for your company, we take care of legalizing their immigration status and we ensure that your company fully complies with pertinent regulations.

At the DeSanctis Law Firm we offer personalized services regarding migration and naturalization, and we have a highly trained department specialized in the procedures and complexities of immigration law.

We are committed to maintaining excellent communication with our clients and having at their disposal a qualified lawyer to resolve any questions they have. We are experts in identifying and resolving the immigration needs of our clients.

We also offer consulting services related to permit extensions, entry and exit permits, residence and naturalization procedures, as well as procedures related to special residences, such as retirees.

Company-Collaborator labor relations

Our group of lawyers are experts in labor issues and will advise you to prepare contracts, establish internal regulations, and handle dismissals, labor conciliation and judicial proceedings.

In terms of risk prevention, we offer labor audits that evaluate how labor relations are being handled, and we analyze your company’s procedures from establishing work contracts to terminating them. Likewise, we review the Social Security Fund form in order to verify compliance with the legal allotments of Panamanian vs. foreign workers. Finally, we diagnose the situation and make recommendations to correct any needs within the organization and thus avoid fines for non-compliance with current labor regulations.

Corporate contracts

At the DeSanctis Law Firm of Panama, we understand the importance of sales negotiations and mergers, which is why we have the best team of lawyers who offer services in drawing up contracts, agreements, purchase and sale of shares, and any other services your company requires. We advise you through each step of the negotiation process, at all times keeping watch over your interests.

Private Interest Fund

Private Interest funds are an ideal way to protect patrimony and are an attractive alternative to the use of trusts, since they can be applied widely.

These funds are particularly useful to protect patrimony, succession planning, tax planning, or as a shareholder entity for corporations.

In addition, our important international alliances enable us to make available to our clients a wide choice of legal entities.

Judicial and extrajudicial debt collection management

In addition to the other services offered by the DeSanctis Law Firm, we also offer our experience in delinquent account collection using efficient collection management. We explore all possibilities, which can range from a negotiated and friendly settlement of scheduled payments to filing in court to gain enforced collection and seizure of property.

In addition to our efficient collection management process, we can also save you time and effort by obtaining permits, registrations, licenses, authorizations, notifications, communications, etc., with the pertinent government or municipal entities.

Business advice for contracts with state and municipal entities

As the government develops more infrastructure in Panama, private companies are finding that participating in these works is becoming more profitable. However, it is extremely important for you to count on the appropriate tools and advice before establishing a contract with the government.

In addition to those important works that are being carried out, Panama is at the forefront of Latin American countries with its efficient public procurement system through its website (, which saves you time and resources when presenting and following up on public procurement processes.

The DeSanctis Law Firm, knowing the importance of this sector in the economy and how profitable it can be, has a team of lawyers and experts in the area of ​​public contracting and offers its clients advice on everything related to this field of law, such as:

  • How to apply and interpret Law 22 of December 2006, which regulates Public Procurement with the Panamanian government.
  • Consult and review acts with the General Directorate of Public Procurement.
  • Review the Statement of Objections.
  • Verify and comply with necessary legal requirements to participate in government bids.
  • Accompaniment at advance meetings, schedule approval, and celebration of the public event.
  • Present applicable resources in accord with Panamanian legislation, and in the case of affected rights before the General Directorate of Public Procurement, the Public Procurement Court, and the Supreme Court of Justice.